I am looking for donations for ostomy, colostomy, ileostomy and/or wound care supplies. I am a single senior disabled woman who does not have any family in the area. I am trying my best to live as independently as possible and not to go into a nursing home.

Several years ago I was in the hospital for several months, on the ventilator and in a coma. Any savings that I had went to cover the over 2 million dollars in medical bills. I did have insurance that I paid for, but did not realize at the time that my insurance only covered 80% of my hospital bill and the rest was my responsibility. All of a sudden I was a Medicaid person with no savings left. The important thing is that I was left with my life and am so thankful for that. While I was in the hospital I had many complications from my life long battle with Crohn's disease. My colon ruptured three times and it caused an emergency surgery each time and I was on the ventilator in a coma. During this time the surgeon did an ileostomy on me and I was left with no colon. When I was in the vent hospital, they found through a CT scan that the abdominal wound that would not heal was an abdominal fistula which is higher up on the small intestine and became my primary output with hernias on each side.

Keeping any kind of ostomy appliance on for more then 2-3 hours was not possible due to the folds of skin and the hernias. Through many trials and wound care staff I now am able to keep an appliance on for about 8 hours before it starts to leak. My ileostomy causes no problem, but often needs to be changed only because the fistula leaks onto it.

My stomas are two completely different sizes and with seals, I am able to make just about any skin barrier wafers work. I have no preference as to the manufacturer, Flat or Convex, one or two piece appliances, opaque or transparent pouches, velcro or clamp closures.

I use, between my two stomas, about 100 - 150 skin barrier wafers a month. Medicare, AARP Medigap, Medicaid and HorizenHMO do not pay a penny toward the care of an abdominal fistula ostomy. They do cover up to 20 wafers a months for my ileostomy only. Even buying items on ebay or amazon; which is more reasonable than a medical supply store, is way more then my total monthly income.

Many people only have an ostomy for a few months to a year and are left with supplies. Many people care for a family member at home with an ostomy and sadly that family member dies and they are left with supplies. If anyone reading this has supplies or knows someone who may, PLEASE do not throw them in the trash. I might be able to help you with the shipping cost to send the items to me. Thank you
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