1br - Room Possibly Available Soon (About June 1st or so) (Brick)

Northrup Drive, Brick, NJ 08724

Northrup Drive near Van Zil;e Road off Rt.70
1BR / 1Ba available jun 1

Updated 5-17-2024

Dear Room Seeker,

Hello from Thomas R. (Landlord) This is NOT a scam but a legitimate listing.

I know that this listing is not your typical one, but I may have (repeat MAY HAVE) a room, to be available soon , for one individual, on or around 1 June 2024, in my condo in Brick, NJ. Exit 91A off the GSP.

Why I am not 100% sure yet about the room availability is because my current tenant just received notice that an opportunity for her to move into a senior living community ( for which she has applied months ago) may now be available to her on June 1st, in which case, if it is, I will DEFINITELY have a room available for rent. I should know for sure by tomorrow or soon thereafter, but I am reaching out to prospective room rental seekers now so that if and when it does become available I will have somebody with whom I have discussed everything, ready to immediately move in. I realize that this may be a bit of a different way to do this, so by all means please keep searching, However, I am open to you reaching out to me in advance,

I promise to change the listing to "room definitely available" the moment it becomes so.

This condo is located in Burnt Tavern Manor which consists of many units, each with a lower unit and an upstairs unit. Mine is a LOWER unit. (see pic)

Unlike other posts that barely tell you anything until you meet with the landlord only to be told something that may not be right for you, I am telling you all of the following, right upfront, so you are well aware of it all, in advance and will know what to expect. This is why my listing is rather lengthy.

Please read my listing in its entirety and very carefully. When we speak and if you ask me something like "Do you have pets there?" or "Is there a washer and dryer in the unit?" or car parking, which I clearly state in this listing ,,,I will assume that you didn't carefully read the listing in its entirety.

NOTE: Living in any of these lower unit condos exposes tenants to a degree of your hearing noise-making coming from the upstairs tenants. If you are extremely sensitive to such noise then this may NOT be a suitable living situation for you.

This is a MONTH to MONTH lease with a 3-month probationary period, during which at any time either the landlord (myself) or the tenant (you) may terminate the agreement WITH or WITHOUT cause.Be sure that you understand what that means: No reason or explanation as to why has to be given, However, as a courtesy and as it is part of the lease terms, a 30 days notice period with intent to vacate is required.
If you decide to leave (violate the agreement) before the 30-day period, you may forfeit your security deposit***.
***However, certain extenuating circumstances will be taken into account. (Death in the family, illness, job relocation etc...)

The furnished room will be either the small bedroom 8'x12' for $795 per month plus 1/3 share of the utilities
(electric, water, sewer)
This room has a twin bed, dresser with mirror, end table, small closet space and a window with our lake view and a portable (indoor) A/C. You will be responsible for personal effects (bath towel, laundry detergent etc)

Or it will be the Master Bedroom 12'x18" for $1200 per month plus 1/3 share of the utilities (as described above).
This room has a queen size bed, a love seat, dresser with mirror, end table, lamp, walk-in closet, clock radio, wall clock and a window with our lake view. There is a portable A/C in the room.

There is wall- to- wall carpeting throughout the unit.

Why one room or the other? Because my tenant who occupies the smaller room is the one leaving and my tenant who occupies the larger room may choose to move into the smaller room (she isn't sure yet, but will make her decision shortly

The condo utility expenses vary month to month, depending mostly upon usage of electricity.
In April the share was $125 per occupant. In May it dropped to $83 per occupant, but with the summer starting and A/C usage, it will go up again. So figure anywhere between $80 on the low side and up to $150 on the high side.

At lease signing, one month's rent plus one month's security deposit will be due. Your security deposit will be deposited in the TD bank down the road (on Burnt Tavern Road) and fully refunded to you on the day you vacate (however, you will be held responsible for the cost of any replacement or repairs due to damage (if any) created by you)

Whichever room becomes available will have access to Xfinity wireless internet, but NO TV is provided. You must furnish your own and if it requires cable, it will be at your expense to get it hooked up.

You will have full access to: The kitchen , dining room, living room, bathroom (we share it), patio with lake view. community swimming pool, tennis courts, party rental facility and street parking. The unit has a washer and dryer inside.

Your privacy is guaranteed. You will be SAFE here. You will be expected to respect the privacy and property of all occupants.
Whoever works outside of the home, has first priority of the use of the bathroom in the morning.

Knowing which room will be available and its availability date will be made known ASAP and occupancy (move-in date) as it stands now should be around 6-0-2024 or soon thereafter.

ANY gender, race, or creed is welcome to apply.
You must be of legal age according to the State of NJ.
Ideally (but not a requirement) this opportunity is best suitable for a working individual especially for the smaller room.

Conveniently located to Churches, Just so you know, I am a devout Christian. If you are also it would make for a great fellowship ambiance, but it is NOT a requirement and your approval to be a tenant will not be based upon that. .

We are located very near to all shopping, banking, pharmaceutical and other needs.

Its on a first come/first served basis.

Criteria to be considered to be a tenant:
Once again, I am making this known right up front so you are well aware of everything before you apply. It may appear to some people to be harsh or strict, but its better that you know all of this in advance and not waste each others time.
This is a friendly condo association community. Families of all etnicities and creeds, with people and children of all ages. We must all respect and be considerate of one another and adhere to the condo association bylaws, especially about noise-making.
It is managed by Pinnacle Property Management. It is relatively quiet, especially after 7PM.

*You MUST be able to afford the monthly rent without it being a struggle.
So please factor the rent in and all of your other monthly expenses to be sure you can afford this easily.

The rent is due on the 1st (NOT the 2nd or on the 3rd) NO EXCEPTIONS.

*Optional: Pay your rent by the 30th and you may deduct $50. Why? Because this helps me pay the condo mortgage on time which IS also due on the 1st. .
*Proof of employment (pay stubs) or source of income (e.g. social security, pension or other) must be furnished beforehand.
*Reference letters from: a previous landlord, employer (unless retired) , or a Church pastor or business associate.

*NO STREET or ILLEGAL DRUGS ) Prescription meds for your health and well being are an exception
*NOT an ALCOHOLIC (If you are in recovery -such as attending AA - that is fine.
We however may have a beer or glass of wine with dinner so if that a trigger decide wisely if living here is okay for you.
*NO DRAMA (If you are involved in any sort of domestic violence or abuse situation whereby somebody could show up and create a disturbance within our home or to the neighbors with the police showing up. If you don't meet this criteria
DO NOT APPLY. If it happens you will be evicted.
* NO PETS - Sorry, we already have three cats. You must NOT be allergic to CATS. You MUST like cats.
*Be willing to share in the domestic chores of the condo unit (besides your own private room)
*NO LOUD NOISES (TV, Radio, Musical Instruments, Singing, Yelling/Screaming or other (that disturb the upstairs and/or nearby neighbors)
*NO SLEEPOVERS - your family, friends , guests, boyfriend or girlfriend are welcome until 10PM on weekdays and Sunday and until 11PM on Friday or Saturdays.

Whew - the heavy duty stuff (above) is over! Sorry folks, I just wanted to be honest with you. Its really a nice place to live. Our neighbors are friendly. Kids play after school and on weekends and while kids do make noise, by 7PM its very quiet and peaceful.

About Me: I work from home. I am an audio/video professional. I am also a Freshwater Aquarium Specialist (I clean fish tanks) and am a musicia, I also sell drum kits and other instruments. I am bilingual (English/Spanish) I enjoy gardening, motorcycle riding, painting (art), cooking and sharing what I make with my tenants if they wish to partake and am a flight sim pilot...oh yeah and an author too! I am very personable and enjoy conversation and Christian fellowship.

Initially please TEXT me with your first name, and which room might you be interested in and I will respond immediately. I will call you so we can discuss further on the phone. Please feel free to ask me any questions, I promise you 100% honesty and politely request the same of you. Thank you for reading this lengthy listing.

God Bless,
Thomas R

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