Trumpet - $175 (Brick)

Northrup Drive near Van Zile Road
You are seeking to buy a TRUMPET.

Perhaps its for your own personal playing enjoyment or for an aspiring musician in your family, to play in a band, or in an orchestra or in a school marching band.

If you have already found one here on Craigslist that suits your needs -great!
But if you have not, or are not sure how to best go about it, allow me to find the perfect one for you that meets all of your needs exactly.
Note: The price showing of $175 is just an arbitrary price put there in order to create this listing. What you will actually end up paying will depend upon the brand name, model, condition and its cost.

I have access to quality name brand trumpets of ANY brand name and model in Pre-Owned or Brand NEW that will accommodate your budget.

About Me: I am a professional musician, I have played the trumpet, drums, guitar and keyboard, I was in a 9-piece rock/jazz band touring Europe, the Mediterranean, North Africa, the Caribbean, Spain aboard a 327 foot Yacht. We have an album on YouTube. "The Power of Source"

Why Use Me?
Let me save you all the time, effort and hassle of finding the right trumpet and negotiating to get you the lowest out of pocket price, I am an extensively experienced career salesperson,very skilled at negotiating and getting musical instruments at a very fair competitive price (I will save YOU money)
If pre-owned, you will get a musical instrument(s) that was properly cared for and loved by its owner as you will also do.

How This Works:
Simply tell me the following (or as much as you can)
*Do you want a BRAND NEW trumpet or a Quality PRE-OWNED one?
*What is your budget? (Tell me what your maximum us so I can avoid the more costly ones)
* Your Preferred name brand (Bach, Yamaha, Jean Paul, Getzen, Other? Or tell me if it doesn't really matter)
*What Trumpet Mouthpiece Size Required
*Do you need a trumpet carry case? (Highly Recommended. Prices range from $30 to $200 for soft carrybag to hard-case

Here are just some of the many trumpet choices available– Getzen, Jean Paul,Yamaha, Jupiter, Bach, and others

Trumpet Mouthpieces - Come in a variety of sizes ranging in price from $20 to $130

How To Find the Right Mouthpiece Size


Note: I sell only QUALITY used musical instruments (or BRAND NEW if preferred).
Parents, please DO NOT buy your aspiring musician a cheap junky instrument. Doing so will discourage them. I'm not saying that you have to get them the most expensive instrument available...but just not the cheapest lowest quality made, That happened to me when I was 10 years old when I wanted to learn how to play the trumpet. I was bought a plastic toy one. I was an extremely devastated, disappointed child. Your child does not deserve this.
(Later on though my dad bought me a BACH- which made me very happy)

Before purchasing you will be shown pictures of up to 2-3 trumpet choices along with any available (known) details. There is NO obligation to buy unless you fully accept what you see and it's price.'

Payment Terms: CASH, VENMO or ZELLE Only
(NO credit cards, or personal checks or other payment method accepted)
*Non cash payments MUST be verified as received by my bank, BEFORE you may take possession of the instrument(s)

LOCAL PICKUP - BRICK, NJ EXIT 91A off the Garden State Parkway
Shipping available to ANY of the USA States
*Your shipping costs will be based upon the instrument, the weight of the package and your zip code and your preferred shipping method

All sales Final - NO Returns - NO Refunds -No exceptions
Thank you for entrusting me with your needs.
Please feel free to message me with any questions needs or concerns.


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